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Fantastic pro harmonica case that holds 14 diatonic harmonicas (all brands and models); one chromatic harmonica or microphone Also carry tools or cable in the outside pocket Quality material; strap included Designed in Usa by a pro harmonica player

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Discover our Harmonica case

The Harmonica player's best friend. This is the case you have been waiting for. Designed by David Herzhaft a professional harmonica player, this high quality sturdy vinyl case let you carry on up to 14 diatonic blues harmonicas from Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, Lee Oskar or Harmo securely fasten in our inside individual pockets.
- At the bottom you have an extra space with velcro straps that can hold either a 12 hole chromatic harmonica and a bullet type microphone or a 16 hole chromatic harmonic like the Angel 16.
- On the front the harmonica pro case by Harmo offers extra space for a cable, tools, metronome or a tuner that you can fit in the smart zip pocket.
- You can carry it from the top handle or using the shoulder strap. Compact, light and sturdy the Harmonica pro case carry on the harmonica player philosophy : travel light with everything you need. Handy !

  • Fits 14 blues harmonicas a chromatic or microphone and a cable in the zip pocket
  • Fits any type of blues harmonica by Seydel; Suzuki; Hohner; Lee Oskar; Harmo
  • Designed in Usa by a pro harmonica player
  • Harmonica quality case with a shoulder strap

Why should you use a harmonica case ?

Keeping the Harmonica in a case is important. Not only because it looks more stylish, it adds to your convenience as well. It protects your harmonica from getting dust or moisture inside its body which can lead to reed damage, reed getting stuck, notes choking or harmonica hole not getting any sound out. It becomes way easier to carry around your instrument if you have a handy case for it. It will save you from the trouble of keeping an eye and un-shattered attention to your Harmonica all the time during the travel.

Placing this small instrument in its case would help you to find it in your luggage. If you don’t get a case, where would you keep your instrument when you travel with a lot of luggage? What would you do? Placing it inside your travel bag would not be a wise decision. For easy accessibility and safety, you should buy a well-made case.

There are many options available out there for each kind of Harmonica. You will easily find one for your instrument but you should do some research before choosing a bag or case. It is a daunting task to select one from such a large number of options. However, if want to save time, we can help you out.

  • SPACIOUS STORAGE: This Pro harmonica case offers generous storage capacity, letting you neatly store and transport up to 14 diatonic blues harmonicas, or opt for a 16-hole or 12-hole chromatic harmonica and a bullet-type microphone at the bottom of the case. Additionally, there's also a useful zip pocket for your microphone cable.

  • ORGANIZED HARMONICA ARRANGEMENT: Inside the Pro carrying case, you'll find individual Velcro slots that are tailored to fit harmonicas from top brands like Seydel, Suzuki, Hohner, Lee Oskar, and more. There's an extra front pocket, perfect for storing harmonica tools, a metronome, a 6-foot cable, and other accessories.

  • DUST & MOISTURE PROTECTION: The heavy-duty construction of this pro hard harmonica case by Harmo is purposefully designed to shield your harmonicas from dust and moisture, keeping them in optimal playing condition. It's a reliable choice to ensure your instruments are well-protected.

  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Designed in the USA by a brand owned by professional harmonica players, this harmonica display case brings together design and expertise to give you a reliable, well-designed storage solution. 

  • ON-THE-GO COMPANION: Keeping the needs of harmonica players in mind, this case ensures effortless portability. You can carry it easily using the top handle or the included shoulder strap. 

  • DISCLAIMER: Please note that no harmonica is included with the purchase of this Harmo Pro Case.

  • Reviews

  • Harmonica
    Arthur C. on 11/25/2021I love my harmo bag thanks.
    Harmonica Case
    Roger B. on 07/30/2020

    An exceptional case. Sturdy, efficient, well crafted. Very much worth the money.

    Very clearly thought out design
    Ljudmila L. on 04/18/2019Love it. Very clearly thought out design. Room for all my diatonics, harp mic, etc. I even fit a jaw harp in there. Compact, looks good, affordable. Have brought it to the last few gigs I've played and gotten compliments 1 it.
    It's nice and compact
    Steve M. on 05/14/2019It's nice and compact, but will hold 15 standard diatonic harmonicas, a lucky 13 harmonica and a harmonica toolkit. Great value.
    You should buy this case. You will be glad you did
    Michael J. on 05/11/2019Awesome!
    Pro Harmonica Case
    David U. on 04/06/2019This ia an awesome harmonica case period :))) I love it..
    Maybe it's the best
     on 02/05/2019Maybe it's the best case I've seen in the market (I have 4 at home) to be able to carry a complete set of harmonicas.
    Great product for my use
    Leo H. on 02/06/2018The inside pockets hold one harmonica each with a velcro flap that covers the ends. I used an 8ndelible marker to label keys so I know make and key of each. There is space for a chromatic harp. An outside zippered pocket is large enough for a few sheets of paper, pen, etc but bot a lot. I use this to store the harps I have and have no issues with odor. Harps fit snug and won't clang against each other.

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