Safety instructions:

Please read all the following safety instructions before using the instrument.

You should not disassemble your harmonica unless something is really wrong with the sound. If you do take apart your harmonica, we recommend that you replace all screws in the same order you removed them.

Always store the instrument in its special case/pouch.

Do not rinse or wash the instrument by hand or in a dishwasher.

Do not leave the instrument in a room colder than 45 degrees or warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid drinking soda, alcohol or eating before playing. Food residue may seriously damage or block the reeds.

Use caution when maintaining your instrument; its sharp edges may cause injuries.

If a reed falls out-of-tune or becomes blocked, the instrument should not be played as reeds have a finite lifespan. Broken reeds can cause injuries.

Harmonica reeds have a limited lifespan and the way you play your harmonica can greatly impact that lifespan. It is highly recommended to never blow or draw too hard on your harmonica, and to keep a relaxed position at all times when playing. The main cause for reeds to break is poor technique. If you blow or draw too hard, the reed might break or get stuck. If you force your playing when you bend or overbend, the reed might go out of tune or break. Professional players rarely break reeds.

If Holes 2 or 3 blow/draw do not sound right, your lip position is most likely not correct. This is a VERY COMMON issue that many beginning and even intermediate players encounter. Please check our online tutorials or contact a professional harmonica teacher.