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Polar Harmonica by Harmo® Amazing; Versatile; Stylish The Harmo Polar harmonica uses an in-house-specific process that makes it particularly well adjusted for blues; folk; country; rock; and funk; giving you great projection; air-tightness and a good starting overblow-friendly setup. Full and loud tone with fast response.

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StylesBlues, Folk, Country, Rock, Funk, Gospel
Holes10 holes
Alternative productsLee Oskar Harmonica, Hohner Special 20 Marine Band, Suzuki Harpmaster

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Polar Harmonica by Harmo®   Designed and Quality checked in the Usa ! Amazing; Versatile; Stylish The Polar uses an in-house-specific process that makes it particularly well adjusted for blues; folk; country; rock; and funk; giving you great projection; airtightness and a good starting overblow-friendly setup. Full and loud tone with fast response. The Polar’s white matt covers are a unique feature that will make you stand out in the crowd. The Polar Diatonic harmonica by Harmo® comes in all 12 keys: C; Db; D; Eb; E; F; F#; G; Ab; A; Bb; and B. A sturdy zipper case keeps the dust out and allows moisture to evaporate. A wiping cloth is included.   

  • RICH & EXPRESSIVE NOTES: Experience the pure melody of Harmo professional harmonica, precisely tuned using the well-regarded Richter Tuning across 10 holes. Its easy blow and draw actions unleash the major scale notes (A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#).
  • USA-DESIGNED EXCELLENCE: Designed and carefully quality-checked by harmonica experts in the USA, the Polar Harmo harmonica promises strong reliability and beautifully rich sound.
  • READY-TO-PLAY SET: Polar harmonica comes in a sturdy zipper case, protecting it from dust and facilitating moisture evaporation. 
  • HARMONIC MASTERY: Polar Diatonic Harmonica delivers melodious sound quality across various genres - Blues, Country, Folk, Pop, and Rock, serving as a versatile musical instrument for both novice learners and seasoned musicians.
  • VISUAL & AUDITORY ARTISTRY: Elevate your performance with our visually striking white matte harmonica. With easy-bend phosphor bronze reeds, you can immerse yourself in vibrant, full tones, ensuring that your expressive melodies are not only heard but deeply felt and eternally remembered.

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    Awesome harmonica
    Darryl S. on 12/19/2021I have 2 other Polars and this one is just as awesome as they are.
    Love it!
    Deborah B. on 11/10/2021This harmonica is so easy to play right out of the box and I love the clean look of it. Very impressed.
    Rich H. on 09/12/2021I was loot for an American harp company so I decided to give Harmo a shot. Sadly however and unsurprisingly they are only assembled in America. The parts are from China. This is understandable however. New companies are a challenge to start. It's reasonable to keep cost down. The quality is nice however. The harp has some weight which always indicates metal parts inside. It's probably the most airtight harp I've ever played!! Great sound. No blowby detectible at all. Good stuff!! One complaint- 10 hole draw doesn't work. I gotta draw so hard my head nearly implodes! And then it flutters. I'm hoping the reed just needs breaking in. So far it hasn't changed and I'm working on it. Grrrr!!
    Key of A
    Steve B. on 04/25/2021Beautiful instrument! Amazing sound and action!
    Harmo Polar key of A
    Michael t. on 01/05/2021

    Good looking, good sounding nice playing harmonica

    Polar harmonica
    Michael t. on 01/05/2021

    Great carry around harp. Great value for the low cost of this instrument.

    Polar harmonica
    Stephen C. on 09/15/2020Is it to play and sounds good. The price is good also
    Best bang for the bucks harmonica
     on 08/14/2020

    I've been playing german brands for 20 years and I must say the Polar blew me off! The quality and sound of this harmonica is great at any price but fantastic in this price range as it beats any other single model I own! Two Thumbs up!

    Polar harmonica
    Gary F. on 07/07/2020

    I love the way the Polar feels, sounds and plays. Covers are stainless steel painted white that gives them a very nice finish.

    Best Bb I've Ever Had
    Ken D. on 06/09/2020

    I've preferred higher harps for over 50 years because they're naturally tighter and more responsive. I only have the lower harps in my bag because the people I've worked for keep insisting on playing in keys that require them. The Bb you sent me is the first fully responsive low harp I've ever had. I'm really enjoying it. Great job.

    Polar harmonica review
     on 04/26/2020

    The Harmonica is pretty airtight and more powerful than my Hohner Special 20. I really love the look of it, everybody's asking me what they are:)

    Best Harp around
    Erasmus l. on 01/16/2020

    I was surprised to see how well the Polar performs compared to my Hohner Marine Band and Special 20. I find them louder, more airtight and easier to bend. Thank you Harmo!

    Best overall harmonica in this price range
    John G. on 06/25/2019The Polar has become my first go-to harmonica. It sounds great, bends easily and is very reliable. It's louder than my Lee Oskars and Hohners and I'm now slowly getting more keys and building my collection.
    Great out of the box
    Aaron M. on 04/14/2019This harp was easy to play from the beginning. Normally I adjust the gap on the reeds, but this one did not need it. It does sound louder and has a very pleasant warm tone. It is a great value and I would highly recommend it. My only caveat is that I only tried one oh, but if this is typical then I am very impressed.
    The sound is so rich!
    Albert P. on 03/29/2019Very nice! The sound is amazing! I highly recommend this harmonica! Great investment!
    Responsive, well tuned, excellent volume
    Robert B. on 03/24/2019I bought this harmonica as a beater to keep on my desk to play during the day when I need a break or when the spirit moves me (I'm self-employed). I normally play Seydel Session Steel for melodic playing and Hohner Crossovers for bluegrass, rock and blues. I've been playing harp for 40+ years and I know what I like. I honestly wasn't expecting much from this harp and figured at the price, it wasn't a big risk.The sound of this harp blew me away. It was louder than I expected, very responsive, and I was able to get a clean note out of all 20 reeds, which is uncommon on even the most expensive harps. Bending is clean and easy and the acrylic comb gives it a nice feel in the hand. I think when my Crossovers start to blow out or go out of tune, they're going to be replaced with these Harmo Polars. Although I'm just an amateur hobbyist, I play every weekend with a country/bluegrass/gospel band so the performance sound of the harp matters to me. I'm very impressed with the Harmo Polar.
    Impressive sound
    Tim F. on 05/04/2020Just purchased the Polar and I am impressed with the sound quality. Good volume and clarity
    Amazing Value for Money!
    Julie S. on 04/02/2019Beautiful sound. Surprisingly loud and rich. Definitely exceeded expectations. I’d for sure buy again.
    Nice Quality harmonica
    Patrick R. on 06/22/2017This is a very good quality harmonica. I play to accompany myself on guitar. I've played Hohner Marine Band harmonicas casually for decades. This is the first time that I tried the Harmo brand. I like the idea of supporting a US company, especially one in Idaho as I suspect it might be the next best place as Colorado is getting too crowded. The Harmo Polar and Marine Band play very similarly. I feel the Harmo responds with a little less breath. I can't be specific, but playing the harmonica part of Helpless in C sounds better on the Polar. My Marine Band sounds a little sharp to me after playing my Polar. I also like the white cover and styling of the Polar. It somehow feels pleasantly retro and gives me the impression that I'm playing an ice-cream sandwich. I bought both key of C and key of G. I plan to buy a key of D so I can play After the Goldrush and a key of A (possibly the Harmo Torpedo model) to play Out On the Weekend.
    Harmo Polar is the best!
    Mike P. on 10/09/2018Great little harmonica. Nicely weighted. Responsive and loud.

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