Harmo® harmonicas are designed and quality-checked in the USA by a professional harmonica player. The Torpedo is hand finished in the USA.

Our quality control steps ensure that we deliver the best harmonica in the market.

Harmo® diatonic harmonicas are louder, more airtight and easily play all bends and overbends because we manually and individually make sure they do! We offer our customers the quality of a hand-crafted, customized harmonica that delivers beautiful music at a fraction of the cost.

Harmo® harmonicas have a classic sound and a modern touch.

Angel 16:

The Angel 16 is an easy-to-play 16-hole chromatic harmonica with high-quality, pristine sound and an elegant, fancy white comb. Excellent setup right out of the box, hit all of the notes! No squeaking. Smooth slider and unique design. Great for classical, jazz and pop.


Designed and optimized in the USA, the Polar has a unique look! Its white matt covers will make you stand out in the crowd!

Powerful. Loud. Easy-to-play, the Polar is the ideal harmonica for blues, country and rock players.

Admiral 64:

High-end, professional, 16-hole chromatic harmonica, featuring a heavy-brass comb and rich sound. This is an easy-to-play harmonica that delivers crystal-clear sound. For the demanding, professional harmonica player.


Designed, optimized and hand-finished in the USA, the Torpedo is simply the best overblowing harmonica on the market! It is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding overblowers. With the Torpedo, you can play in all 12 keys using bends and overbends that trigger much faster than on any other diatonic harmonica. Super airtight and loud, the Torpedo is the modern harmonica you have wanted.

Suits all styles of music.

Gig Bag 7:

At last, a professional harmonica player designed a bag for harmonica players!

Light, compact and sturdy, the Gig Bag 7 carries up to seven diatonic/blues harmonicas. Carry it three ways: on your belt, by its handle, or throw it you’re your shoulder. An inside zip pocket delivers extra storage space.

Angel 12:

An elegant design and a fancy white comb show off the Angel 12. This 12-hole chromatic harmonica delivers a high-quality, pristine sound and is easy to play. Excellent setup right out of the box, hit all of the notes! No squeaking. Smooth slider and unique design. Great for jazz and pop.

Pro Case:

At last, a harmonica case designed by a professional harmonica player! No nonsense is in with this compact, light and sturdy, vinyl modern looking case that can hold 14 diatonic harmonicas, a 12-hole chromatic, AND a microphone and accessories (mic cable, metronome, tuner) in the outside zip pocket.

The Pro Case is easy-to-carry thanks to its comfortable handle and shoulder strap.