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Discover the world of the 16 hole chromatic harmonica

The 16-hole harmonica is a type of chromatic harmonica that is 16 hole long. It is a 4-octave harmonica. Therefore, the entire chromatic scale is available on the 16 hole chromatic harmonica. It starts an octave lower than the 12-hole chromatic harmonica and allows the player to play in any key desired from just one harmonica. This harmonica is able to produce 4 note per hole, 1 blow note, 1 blow note with slider in, 1 draw note and 1 draw note with slider in so a total of 64 notes or 4 chromatic scales That will allow you to play a more advanced repertoire. It is top-quality and offers fast response in all octaves. There are various brands of the 16-hole harmonica such as the Swan chromatic harmonica and many more.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items