Harmonica Key Label Stickers 2D - 137 stickers



  • Harmonica key label stickers
  • Designed in the US by a pro harmonica player
  • 137 key label fits all brands; covers; boxes; pouches
  • Extra stickers for Low; Hi; Blues ...
  • High quality sticker paper for long time usage

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Harmonicas are not returnable

Sorry, harmonicas cannot be returned, so please call if you'd like help choosing.


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Harmo - Ultimate Harmonica Key label stickers 137 Use on covers and boxes / cases Lost your key label ? Want to add one on the cover ? Need one more on the box ? Harmo got you covered ! Offering an impressive set of 137 key labels on one sheet of high quality sticker paper you get a total of : 22 C; 6Db; 12D; 6Eb; 9E; 9F; 6F#; 12G; 6Ab; 12A; 9Bb; 6B key labels 3 Hi; 7 Low; 1 Nat min; 1 Harm min; 1 Blues; 1 Jazz; 1 Country; 1 Folk; 1 Rock and 1 Harmo Label Labels are printed black on a white background High quality sticker for long hold 1.1cm radius fits all cases; pouches and covers Total Approx Size : 22 * 15 cm / 9 * 6 inches Fits all models; boxes; pouches of all brands The most comprehensive key label set on the market designed by a pro harmonica player !

  • Reviews
  • Great value
    Howard D. on 06/29/2019So great to label my pouches with keys! Good quality product, my has stayed on now for couple months
    Bob N. on 02/09/2019Well these stickers are just awesome. I have made my own for a while by cutting up address labels, but this is sooo much better. They come off easy and stick really well. There are plenty of everything so they should last for a while and can handle a large collection. For the price and how many I got, I am very happy. Would definitely recommend.

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