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I appreciate the followup
Craig H.04/30/2021
Great service, great products. Right on guys. Next I'll try a Torpedo. Thanks ????
Montoya J.04/30/2021
I love the sweet action and flow of the polars sleek design! It plays like a professional level harmonica!
Steve B.04/25/2021
The shop
Tom W.03/17/2021
Quick delivery

PACKAGE Arrived fast nad as described

Paolo R.02/09/2021
A friend sent me a Harmo in the mail telling me it was time to "update the equipment". I have a full spectrum of harmonicas and never thought about a modern version. I live in MN and my friend in CA yet i received the Harmo in only 2 days! I first noticed the modern design and of course gave it a blow. The sound was warmer, richer than my other harmonicas. I could tell immediately! It was a fuller sound and felt great in my belief is that the modern materials and design have created a unique sound and feel. The delivery was accompanied with a dry towel, a cool carry case that slips onto your belt, and also came with some great information for beginners that i know to be invaluable advice and tips for really all levels of play. Anyway, i checked the price and was surprised to find out it was extremely reasonable. I will be getting A through G. If you are looking to update your sound and/or equipment, look no further. This is the bomb!!
Kevin B.02/03/2021
Noel R
I've only bought one Harmo so far so don't have much to say. But built in Eagle Idaho, how do you top that?
Noel R.01/28/2021
Not craftsmen, artists. I mean craftspersons.
Collectable, get them while you can!
Chip C.01/13/2021
Just getting started - the right way
New to harmonicas but have played a few other instruments in my younger days. Read the reviews and made my purchase. Could not be happier. Sound is good, look is fantastic and I am on my way with no hesitation. No regrets and will look to expand my collection as my skills improve. Thanks for putting a quality product in my hands.
Kc P.01/12/2021
Work of Art!
I ordered the walnut comb along with mahogany covers in Super Country tuning. I can't quit looking at it— a work of art in every respect. I love the way they set up the reeds! I was playing a sweet cowboy campfire song when I noticed a subtle natural vibrato when holding some long notes with a certain technique. I really like that, I can’t say I have ever heard it before, it’s an elevated instrument. The high notes are the easiest playing high notes I have ever played—so responsive. All of the blues punch is there with very little effort—cool. Woo woo, the train is faster too. Lol! I am totally stoked with this masterpiece!
Chip C.01/09/2021
Love the N.W. connection - can't wait to get one of your walnut harmonicas
Michael t.01/05/2021
Fast shipping

Fast shipping good harmonica

Raymond C.12/05/2020
Shop review
I found the Torpedo to be just as advertised. Ordering and shipping was very fast and easy!!!
Terry C.12/01/2020
Polar great for beginners.
I purchased a Bluesband harp on a whim, was always interested in playing a harmonica. What a difference there is between the two haronicas. Easier to hit any single note and play tunes from Harptab, I cannot read music so it's easier for me. Best thing it's easy on your lips when practicing/playing for long periods of time. Nice to work at it and hear results and see your efforts making progress. Thanks for a great product Harmo. Mike M.
Michael M.10/29/2020
Nice to deal with
People I spoke with were quite knowledgeable
Mike M.10/20/2020
Customer service
Harmonicas came quickly and so far satisfied and will consider buying more harmonicas in the future from here
Stephen C.09/15/2020
Great Sound Quality
I have been playing the harmonica for about 7 months and am just learning to bend. The Hohner Special 20 has mediocre sound quality but is fairly easy to produce decent sounding down bends. The Polar has great sound quality but is more difficult to play consistent bends. I think it will take me more time to adapt to the bending process on this harmonica or maybe get the Torpedo or a custom make.
Daniel L.09/03/2020
Harmo is the best
Got 3 of your instruments and i'm crazy bout all of em...thanks
William S.08/26/2020
Great harmonicas

Good product, super fast shipping.

Best Harp Ever
Just received my first Harmo Polar key of C. I have about 50-60 harps of all kinds and cost. This Harmo Polar harp, by far, hands down, no question, is better than any harp I’ve ever played. HANDS DOWN!! I quickly checked, google for top five harps and top ten, no mention of your company or harp. What’s wrong with this picture I don’t understand why you are marginalized and not at the top of any list. I only got my harp from you because it would come occasionally in eBay searches so I thought I’d give the Polar a shot. Holy smokes, it’s now my go to harp. I just hope your company climbs the ladder and take your spot at the top.
Charled H.08/09/2020
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