Harmo Polar Half valved harmonica


Harmo Polar Half-valved harmonica:

This harmonica is standard richter tuned and valves are added to make it easier for beginner and intermediate players to get more notes without using overbends. You can bend more notes on a half valved than on a standard harmonica.

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StylesFolk, Country, Gospel
Holes10 holes
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Harmo Polar Half-valved harmonica:

  • INNOVATIVE HALF VALVED DESIGN: The Harmo Polar Valved Diatonic Harmonica showcases a unique half-valved design, introducing 10 additional bends to enhance musical flexibility. The valves enhance bending capabilities, making it ideal for styles like Swing, Bebop, Gypsy Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Pop music.
  • ENHANCED SOUND CONTROL: Perfect for both novice and intermediate players, this harmonica is specially designed for easy playability. The valves allow for traditional bending techniques, offering a distinct sound compared to standard reeds and infusing depth into musical expressions across various genres.
  • VERSATILE FOR VARIOUS GENRES: Available in all 12 keys including Low-F (C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B), this valved harmonica ensures professional quality with a loud, responsive sound. The blue-grey acrylic comb, sleek white stainless steel covers, and phosphor bronze reeds combine for superior tone and swift response.
  • USA-DESIGNED EXCELLENCE: Designed and quality-checked in the USA by a professional harmonica player-owned brand based in Idaho, this harmonica catches the eye with its white matte covers and refined edges. An in-house-specific process guarantees outstanding sound projection and airtight performance.
  • READY-TO-PLAY SET: Each Harmonica comes with a sturdy zipper case to protect from dust and moisture, along with a vinyl zip pouch, a cleaning cloth, and basic playing instructions. This comprehensive package makes it a ready-to-play instrument for a range of musical styles, enhanced by the unique half-valved feature.

This harmonica is standard richter tuned and valves are added to make it easier for beginner and intermediate players to get more notes without using overbends. You can bend more notes on a half valved than on a standard harmonica (but you can’t overblow).

Valves are commonly used in chromatic harmonicas and they can also prove to be useful on a diatonic for players who know how to bend and prefer to use this traditional technique to get additional notes instead of trying the more modern approach of overbends.
Bending valved reeds also gives a different sound than bending standard reeds.

In the table below we can see a full diagram showing clearly what extra notes are available thanks to the added valves.

Harmonica valved : Harmo Polar half-valved. Suzuki Promaster, Sub 30, Seydel Session steel valved. P.T Gazell, Brendan Power, Stevie Wonder
Polar diatonic Harmonica by Harmo Amazing, Versatile, Stylish. 

The Polar harmonica uses an in-house-specific process that makes it particularly well adjusted for powerful and precise playing giving you great projection, airtightness and a good starting overblow-friendly setup.

Full and loud tone with fast response.

The Polar’s white matte covers are a unique feature that will make you stand out in the crowd.

The edges are very smooth and suitable for any harmonica player.
The Polar Diatonic harmonica by Harmo Half-valved comes in 13 : C, Db,D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, Low-F

Package includes:
- A sturdy zipper case keeps the dust out and allows moisture to evaporate.
- A wiping cloth 
- Basic playing instructions

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  • Pro harp player
    Kerry D. on 10/03/2021I really like the half valves.It is he easiest harp to get a clear overblown of any harmonica I have ever played!
    William H. on 07/11/2021

    THis is my first valved harmonica so it took me a while to figure out how to use the valves, the reeds respond differently than on a standard model which was a bit disconcerting but after couple lessons I got a hang of it and I'm very happy with this harmonica now :)

    Extraordinary Harmonica
    Paul S. on 10/16/2019Although I've been playing harmonica off and on for many years, I haven't paid a lot of attention to bends. When I saw the half valved Polar on the website, I thought I'd give it a try. The bendability of this harmonica is outstanding. I can get blow bends and draw bends on all holes, and I'm not that good at the technique! I'm torn now on getting a whole set of these half-valved or completing my set of Torpodos. I'm more than delighted with the playability of this extraordinary harmonica.
    Beats the Suzuki !
    Dan W. on 02/18/2019More affordable than the Suzuki Promaster valved, same type of reeds but nicer design and I really love the Polar covers, so smooth ! Great (half) valved harmonica I can bend all the blow notes from 1 to 6 and draw notes from 7 to 10.
    Christian H. on 02/02/2019Smooth covers, very nice soft sound, like it better than other valved models I tried

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