Harmo Polar Blues harmonica set of 5



<p>Harmo Polar harmonica blues pro pack 5: Key of C D G F A harmonicas delivered in a Gig Bag 7 with a Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!</p>

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<p>How fun can Harmonica be ?</p>
<p>Save big with the new Harmo blues set 3 that bundles the most widely sued keys to play blues, country and folk music with Harmo's fancy gig bag  7 (holds up to 7 harmonicas) and a 4 hole Harmo Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!</p>
<p>Ideal for harmonica beginners, enthusiasts and blues players looking for a good bundle deal!</p>

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  • Harmo Sucks! A 100% Honest Review
    Charles T. on 06/21/2021 I am not a professional musician. I'm actually just beginning to learn to play. My father was a very talented harp player, but I was not bitten by the music bug until much later in life. My son wanted to learn to play a musical instrument so I challenged him to learn the harmonica. He, in turn, challenged me to learn also. So we are learning together.I joined an online harmonica course and they recommended Hohner and Lee Oskar brand harps. I bought a Hohner Blues Band, a Hohner Special 20, a Hohner Marine Band, and a Lee Oskar. I found the Hohner Blues Band harp to be okay but difficult to make the notes sound good. The Special 20 was a much nicer harp, more professional in quality of construction and sound. The Hohner Marine Band harp was very nice and had a great sound, but was more difficult to play as it seemed to require more air. The Lee Oskar harp sounds great and is obviously a professional harp. As I was searching the internet for information on the various brands of harmonicas I came across harmonicas made by East Top, Seydel, Suzuki, Kongsheng, Bushman, and Harmo. I never knew there were so many brands, makes, and models to choose from. So I set out on a journey to discover which harmonica was best for me. Before this, I didn't understand what was meant by the terms air tight, bends, over blows, or even combs. I soon learned that knowing these terms and knowing why they are important is essential when searching for the perfect harmonica. So I began seeking out harmonica students and professionals to see which harps they most preferred to play. I wanted to actually see, feel, and hear these various brands being played. I could not afford to buy a harp from each maker, so I had to find others who had already purchased them. What an amazing journey this has been so far. I am now going to give you my honest opinion and tell you what I discovered.As a beginner it was important for me to find a harp that looked nice, felt nice, and sounded amazing. My thought process was that if I started learning on a professional quality harp I would get better results and the musical notes would sound better, more accurate, making the learning process easier. So I sought out and found other students and professionals using each of the brands I mentioned earlier. It took a while, but I had soon accomplished my goal. Now I would be able to evaluate all the various brands and choose the one I liked best. I also contacted several manufacturers and asked them questions about their harps. To make this long story a bit shorter I will just say that most replies to my email inquiries were short and mostly canned replies. Others didn't bother to reply at all. There was, however, one company that not only replied, but sent me an amazing letter filled with more information than I had requested. This was not a canned letter. It was from a real person who had taken his time to sit down and type a personal reply that far exceeded my expectations. More about that in a moment.After locating people who had purchased the various brands of harps I went and personally checked them out. I inspected each of them and listened as they were being played. I even got to test a few of them out myself. In all honesty, most harps were very similar in size, weight, and sound. Even the less expensive models sounded similar to the more expensive models. A couple sounded a little more harsh than the others and they did turn out to be the less expensive options. East Top and KongSheng had a couple of really nice sounding harps. I was impressed with the sound, but they were so lightweight they felt more like toys than professional instruments. I was not able to find anyone with the Harmo brand of harmonica and I found that to be a little strange. I asked some of the other students and professional musicians what they knew about Harmo harmonicas. I was told that “Harmo sucks!” I was told that “Harmo is an off brand” and I should stick with the more well known brands like Hohner, Lee Oskar, and Seydel. When I asked what made Harmo harps so bad, no one could give me a specific reason. I personally liked that Harmo is an American company and I was impressed with what I had seen on their website. So I sent them an email inquiring about the quality of the harps and even told them I had been told to avoid Harmo harps and to stick with the more famous brands. A couple of days later I received a reply from a customer service manager named Jim. His reply was very thorough. His reply was longer than all the other replies I had received from the other companies COMBINED.After reading Jim’s letter I thought, “Okay, their harps may or may not suck, but their customer service is amazing. I had not seen or heard a Harmo harmonica, but Jim's letter convinced me to give them a try. So I ordered the 5-piece multi-key set. The set featured their Polar model in 5 different keys, all coming in a special carrying case. Jim had explained in his letter that the Polar model was their STANDARD harp. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was anxious to receive my order. It arrived very quickly. The packaging was not impressive, but I was only going to throw away the packaging anyway. I was more concerned about what was inside the packaging. I carefully opened the shipping envelope and removed the special case. The zippered case was much nicer than I thought it would be. It was a well made professional carrying case that would protect the 5 harps inside. I then unzipped the case and got my first look at the Harmo harmonicas. WOW!!!The Polar models were white in color and had a very different style of cover. I removed the C key harp and was surprised at the weight difference from all the other harmonicas I had seen and had bought. The Harmo polar was quite a bit heavier than the other brands I had seen. The cover was air tight and had no gaps like all the other brands I had seen. The big test was up next. How would this uniquely designed harmonica sound? I ran the blues scale and was THRILLED with the sound quality. I immediately noticed a difference with the Harmo harp in the ease in which I could blow the notes. I did not have to blow or draw as hard, and the quality of each tone was beautiful and clear. I also noticed the Harmo seemed to sound louder than all the other brands. Maybe that is because of the unique cover design. My first impression of the Harmo harmonicas was very positive. I tested the other 4 harps in the various keys and was equally impressed with each of them.After playing around with C key harp for a few minutes I had a glorious moment for a beginner. I was able to bend notes for the first time. What had seemed impossible on the other brands I had bought was finally possible on the Harmo harps. I was thrilled. It has been my experience that the Harmo harps are easier to play than the other brands. I can only imagine what it would be like if I could play like some of the pros I had recently met. My goal is to someday be able to do just that.As I played around more with the Polar harps I could not help to think of all the people who had warned me to avoid the Harmo harps. I called some of them and asked them to specifically tell me what was so bad about the Harmo brand. Still, they had no specifics they could point out. As it turns out, none of the other students of pros had ever actually seen, touched, or played a Harmo harmonica. They were simply repeating what they had heard or had been taught by teachers who were being sponsored by the other brands. These other brands are providing free harmonicas to these teachers and some are being paid to endorse their brand.Harmo has not paid me a single penny and did not provide me with any of their harmonicas to review. Why would they do that since I am just a beginner? My playing may suck right now at this stage of my journey, but I know quality when I see it and when I hear it. This a 100% honest review and has not been solicited by Harm or anyone working for Harmo.So what does all this mean? It means that I have discovered the brand of harmonicas that is exactly what I have been looking for. In an age of junk products and designed obsolescence, it is a refreshing surprise to discover a company that still insists on making the highest quality products possible. Harmo may not be as well known as Hohner, Lee Oskar, Seydel, Suzuki, and other brands, but as someone who made a strong effort to personally inspect all of the brands I mentioned in this review, I can tell you I prefer the Harmo to any and all of those other brands. If the Polar is their standard quality model then I can only imagine what their other models must be like.My dream harmonica now is a Harmo ALL BRASS custom model. Jim said the covers are made using a CNC process rather than the usual stamped covers. The all brass custom model weighs in at over 6 ounces each. Are you kidding me? When I learned that fact I knew that some day I had to have one. I want one so badly now I can almost feel that heavy weight in my hands just thinking about it. This has inspired me to pursue my goal of becoming a skillful harmonica player with even more determination. Knowing that I am learning on the highest quality harps available makes it even more special for me.I’m glad I did not listen to the nay sayers out there who had never even seen or heard a Harmo harp. I will be showing my Harmo harps to the other students and the pros I met who warned me to stay away from Harmo. I want them to actually see, feel, and hear for themselves what they have been missing out on. Harmo is a U.S. company and they deserve our support. Not because they are simply an American company, but because they are an American company that remembers what it means to offer American quality products. Too many companies, American and international, are more concerned with the profits than the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers.Harmo, you now have a very satisfied new customer. If you keep producing quality products like the ones I received I promise to remain a loyal customer. I also promise to spread the word about Harmo and to help put an end to the misinformation that is out there about your company and products. I have only seen your Polar model, but if that is your standard harp, then I am sure your other models must be superb quality also. I urge you to forever resist the temptation to do as the other brands have done, reduce the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process to increase your profits. You have set a new standard that the other companies will have to scramble to meet.To anyone considering purchasing a Harmo harmonica, especially you beginners, do your homework before you buy. Check out the other brands like I did. Actually hold them in your hands, inspect them closely, and listen to them, or play them for yourself. You will then better appreciate the Harmo quality and sound, just like I did. Keep in mind that the popularity of a particular brand does not necessarily mean it is the best quality, has the best sound, or is the easiest to play. Just because something is a “best seller” doesn’t make it the best harmonica.Thank you, Harmo for offering phenomenal products and for your equally phenomenal customer service. I have nothing, but the highest praise for both.Charles
    Bradley Wendell
    Bradley W. on 04/06/2021And that's the first time that I've ever been able to play your polar harmonicas I've seen some of your other people posting up and playing very great sounding harmonica there's not really great any great harmonicas out there that are you know geared towards the youth especially I'm 60 and you know it's been hard to find what I wanted and needed it's a really tough thing is is through this covid it's been bad enough but my house burned down or didn't burn down it burned and I didn't even get to play all five of them I just happen to have the ones I just bought from you with tears in my eyes right now I'm trying to make it back in where I can stand up straight and hold my head up I've been wanting those harmonics for a while I thought they were great and I played like two of them and I just happened to have my harmonicas right by where I had a Coleman lantern that malfunction and I happen to be outside working on my truck I should have shut it off but started a fire and it burned all my harmonica's up except for one and it's kind of melted man but they're really good I just can't afford to get any more right now I just hadn't had any work on a gutter business it's just been tough this year I really like them and I hope that I can save up some money and get some more I would like to maybe get something you know I'd like to steal I believe it's stainless steel on the holds the reads but I wonder is there any other like stainless steel reads or something harder that's not brass or is that just better but you can put that up there man and I'll tell anybody that everybody that's even thought about it should buy their kids or harmonicas from y'all you should put together maybe just for the youth out there you should make it where they can get a deal I mean nobody tries to go to the youth with harmonicas I feel like we're losing you know the harmonica like we did playing dominoes 42 it's a Lost art. I am self-taught as I really can't afford to go out there I don't even know if there's any that many classes but everything that was in the harmonica bag which I really like the separation of everyone of them I don't know if there was maybe something in there that gave me a hint like on the keys and stuff I mostly play by ear but I would like to start playing you know in public maybe sitting in on some clubs I know they have some places that you can just go sit in with some other people playing maybe at the be nice to have a little booklet or something that came with it if y'all would I'd appreciate it I. I rescued one of the harmonicas and I may be able to clean up and rescue the others the blow holes on some of them were a little bit melted but the reeds are okay in it maybe a little out of tune from the heat I rescued and was able to clean up it was a "C" harmonica. Which is what I've had lately I had some but I'll have never played the polar I was playing the Lee Oscar which I've truly believe yours are way better even from just playing at that several days I've been playing it but I'd like to probably get a high "F" pretty soon I like the way that sounds. I was actually able to put the fire out I just received a lot of burns on my hands and knees and breathe a little hot smoke and the bad thing is this is the second time two years ago my house burned all the way down but I couldn't put it out. Maybe you can come out with a fireproof harmonica for me but God is taking care of me . Your harmonica is my friend . I had an idea from the house burned down I got a Little help from Red Cross and a couple of people that's really got me through but what a great commercial and playing your harmonica the blues but kind of hitting a little uppity blues song whenever you're haronica comes in . I mean maybe we can start a pandemic of people playing the harmonica specially y'all's, and yeah I'm from Texas Dallas. I have two daughters which both have total five grandsons of given harmonicas and a little push to try to teach my youngest well not the youngest but next to the youngest I've got one that's one and a half and he had a natural ability to bend notes and sounded very well but haven't been able to be around him enough and one of my daughters significant other I gave him some harmonica's but they're not like your harmonicas they're the cheaper ones which are not worth playing to me have somebody going to pick up harmonica when they're playing something that cost two dollars and it sounds like s*** I mean sorry sounds like crap and they won't carry on you won't sell any more harmonica's unless you get them hooked on y'all's. I can see the potential for great things all you got to do is take that big step which is really a small step I want every key I even had one the oscared tune one into I think it ended up an h sharp which was really fun playing classical music blues like fit the Beethoven great ominous be great to play in some scary movies I don't think that harmonicas are allowed to be the lead as much as they should be. . Anyway it's lights hard to sleep in this damn truck until I get me something fixed like blackened ceilings and walls. Anyway thanks for listening you guys are great I don't know how long you been in business but I'm really happy that I don't know how it came up on one time on my phone out of the blue I thought maybe you were located in Antarctica something I don't know I guess a polar bears are going up extinct I hope y'all don't. I'd love to hear back from you appreciate it I'm fixing to go put together my song I'm writing God is an alien. Being young when he first created the Earth you know how the kids are even gods I'm sure his teacher told him to go create intelligent life and he went for dinosaurs it was fun I'm sure and then he started again the likeness of his own if you ever made a mistake and it not one I'm sure. It would be that we're animals and then we have to try to be human. ☮️ Guys this "gknowme mad " is wandering off and out.
    Polar Blues Harmonica set
    Aldo F. on 05/09/2020

    I received this set just a few days ago and i can say that i really like these harmonicas. they feel comfortable on my lips. the cover plate design is such that i can smoothly slide my lips with ease. the sound itself is loud and the draw bends are easily achieved. compared to my other harps, the tone and sound quality rank up there. Overall i enjoy playing with these and will put my Hohner rocket aside for now. I believe that anybody would be happy with these harmonicas.

    Great gift idea!
    Merrilyn H. on 01/16/2019The Polar harmonicas are very easy to play on stage or at home. The Harmo case is certainly the best on the market today and it's sold here with 5 Polars in the keys of C, D, F G, A plus a mini-harmonica as a bonus. A wonderful gift for my husband who is delighted.

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