Harmo Polar Super Country harmonica


Harmo Polar Super Country Tuned harmonica:
This harmonica is special tuned to make it easier for beginner and intermediate players to play major melodies in 2nd position. You will be playing a C harmonica in the key of G major.

If you know basic patterns on a standard harmonica you can easily reuse most of what you already know without having to learn new patterns and complex theory.

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StylesFolk, Country, Gospel
Holes10 holes
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Harmo Polar Super Country Tuned harmonica:

  • HARMONICA COUNTRY TUNING: Specially tuned for easy 2nd position playing, this harmonica features the innovative Super Country tuning. Perfect for playing major melodies with ease across various genres, including Country, Bluegrass, Western Swing, Jazz, Celtic, and Irish music.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: With its unique Super Country tuning, the harmonica improves playability by introducing raised 5th and 9th draws. This smart design ensures smooth and fast execution of major licks, eliminating the complexity of bending/overbending often found in traditional harmonicas.
  • VERSATILE MUSICAL GENRES: This harmonica effortlessly adapts to various musical genres. Excelling in playing Country tunes and is equally adept for Jazz and Celtic melodies. With availability in (C, D, Low F, E, Db, Eb, Ab, B, Bb, F, G, & A) keys, it caters to a broad range of musical preferences.
  • USA-DESIGNED EXCELLENCE: Designed with care by an experienced harmonica player in Idaho, USA, this country tuned harmonica is a testament to exceptional quality. With a loud, responsive tone, ergonomic design, and unique white matte covers, it seamlessly blends aesthetics with comfort and playability.
  • READY-TO-PLAY SET: Your country harmonica comes complete with a sturdy zipper case, a cleaning cloth, and basic playing instructions. Featuring a light blue acrylic comb, smooth white stainless steel covers, and durable phosphor bronze reeds, it's a comprehensive, ready-to-use package suitable for musicians of all levels.

This harmonica is special tuned (not standard richter tuned) to make it easier for beginner and intermediate players to play major melodies in Cross Harp also referred as 2nd position playing.

You will be playing a C harmonica in the key of G major. (the key you play is a 5th above the harmonica key)

If you know basic major patterns on the standard tuned harmonica you can easily use a tuned harmonica and reuse most of what you already know without having to learn new patterns and complex theory.

In the table below we can see a clear example of how the Harmo Polar super Country tuned diatonic harmonica helps you play major melodies more easily and can prove helpful to copy those fast fiddle, mandolin or uilleann pipes licks.


G major scale on 2 octaves

C standard

2 bend + 1 overbend

C super Country

1 bend

Difference between standard tuned and super country tuning?
The Polar super country tuned harmonica has the 5th and 9 draw raised allowing super smooth playing of fast major licks without the need to overbend hole 5 or even bending hole 9 !

Difference between Country and Super Country tuning ?

The Super country tuning has the 9 draw raised removing the need to bend the 9 blow and allowing smoother playing in the higher register for Country, Bluegrass, Irish music.

Polar diatonic Harmonica by Harmo Amazing, Versatile, Stylish.
The Polar harmonica uses an in-house-specific process that makes it particularly well adjusted for powerful and precise playing giving you great projection, airtightness and a good starting overblow-friendly setup.

Full and loud tone with fast response.

The Polar’s white matte covers are a unique feature that will make you stand out in the crowd.

The edges are very smooth and suitable for any harmonica player.
The Polar Diatonic harmonica by Harmo super Country tuning comes in the 5 most useful keys for Country, Bluegrass and Celtic music :


Harmonic Key

Tune Key












Package includes:
- A sturdy zipper case keeps the dust out and allows moisture to evaporate.
- A wiping cloth is included
- Basic playing instructions

Harmonica Super country tuned - Harmo Polar special tuning for Bluegrass, Swing, Country-music, celtic and irish tunes

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  • Pro harp player
    Kerry D. on 10/03/2021Country tuning works for certain tunes
    Darryl S. on 08/30/2021Really love the sound of this harmonica
    Your harmonicas play beautifully
    Ken D. on 06/16/2020Nothing more to say.
    Country tuning rocks !
    John G. on 06/23/2019Thank you so much for adding a country tuning to the Polar collection ! As a fan of Charlie Mc Coy I truly appreciate the opportunity. The country tuning is fantastic to play bluegrass and major melodies in 2nd position, Love it !
    Thank you Harmo!
    Bob K. on 06/14/2019Such a great harmonica. Nicely tuned, exactly what I needed to play Celtic music!

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