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Angel 12 chromatic harmonica by Harmo®

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Holes12 holes
Alternative productsHohner Chromonica 270, Hohner cx 12

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Angel 12 chromatic harmonica by Harmo®

Elegant, precise, comfortable

  • PREMIUM BUILD & AESTHETICS: Introducing the Angel 12 Chromatic Harmonica Key of C by Harmo, boasting a captivating white acrylic comb body paired with a sleek stainless steel cover. Its ergonomic design with rounded edges ensures a comfortable grip, inviting you to play for hours on end.
  • TONES OF PERFECTION: With 48 Phosphore bronze reeds set in a 12-hole configuration, the Angel 12 delivers a pure, rich, and precise tone across genres – blues, ballads, classical, jazz, pop. No matter what your musical preference is, this mouth organ harmonica is ready to harmonize with your style.
  • VERSATILE HARMONICA MASTERY: Play in various keys like C, D, G, A, Bb, and the resonant low C (C tenor). The harmonica's responsive slider and round-shaped holes provide both ease of use and superior sound clarity, making it perfect for musicians seeking precision and versatility.
  • UNBOXING EXCELLENCE: Each harmonica comes in an elegant box, complete with a durable hard shell case and a soft wiping cloth. This professional harmonica, proudly backed by Harmo, a renowned brand based in Eagle, Idaho, ensures rigorous quality checks for a ready-to-play experience straight out of the box.
  • PERFECT MELODIC GIFT: Whether for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, the Angel 12 Chromatic Harmonica serves as an ideal gift. Encourage loved ones to explore musical horizons, learn with ease, and captivate audiences with this professional-grade musical instrument.

Angel 12 is a highly competitive, professional 12-hole chromatic harmonica with a sweet white body – giving it the Angel touch! Angel 12 delivers a pure sound with rich and precise tone. Plays each note the way you want it to.

Forty-eight reeds, 12-hole, standard chromatic harmonica.
Round-shaped holes for easier playing.
Set up and quality check ensures that all notes play well right out of the box.

Hard shell case and wiping cloth included. 

Available in C, G, Bb and low C  

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  • Bb
    Montoya J. on 05/02/2021I love it.,it works better than the D you sent. I think I just need to play it. To break it in. All the others are equally good. FINISH THE SERIES, B, E, Eb, F Now I'm going to buy the Torpedo set, starting with the C to test if I can play it.
    THE D
    Montoya J. on 04/30/2021Not as good as the Bb which is great, like the C, G, C low, A.
    Lubricant smel from the reed plates.
    Paolo R. on 02/09/2021

    I own a Hohner and a Suzuki and I really really love the Angel 12! Very easy to play and beautiful sound

    Noel R
    Noel R. on 01/28/2021I've only had the Angel 12 for a short time. I'm extremely happy with all I've tried so far. The Harmonica compares very favorably with a similar Suzuki that I've had for a while at significantly less cost.
    Excellent harmonica
    Raymond C. on 12/05/2020

    Great harmonica. As a beginner I have issues with getting some notes out clean.


    Dear Customer,
    You need a good technique to get all the notes on a harmonica. Most beginners and some intermediate players struggle with this. You need to improve your embouchure not force too much air  in the harmonica nad have your lips relaxed at all times this is true for any harmonica. There are some great lessons on www.harmonicaschool.com and we also invite you to read our instructions (Help / Instructions posted on our website) in order to get a better sound. It takes some practice (months to years) before you really master this aspect.

    Dave C.
    David C. on 07/17/2020Ordered Harmo Angel 12 Low C. I like the Harp a lot but don't care much for the case, so I ordered the pouch.
    Great instrument
    Paul B. on 06/27/2020Sounds great. Well made
    Great purchase
    Melissa L. on 02/15/2019I have to say that this harmonica is very easy to play and I like the look as well. Smooth and beautiful finish!
    Bob m. on 06/04/2019This 12 hole chromatic harmonica is much better than the new Hohner Chromonica 270 I recently purchased. Very easy too play, super good looking thanks to its white acrylic comb. I really enjoy playing this harmonica, the slide is smooth and the sound is precise and soft . Was delivered fast, well packed in a white box + cleaning cloth. Nice for all melodies, Love it !
    Love it!
    Shmuel S. on 02/12/2018Just got an Angel 12. The sound is beautiful!

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