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The Admiral 64 is a top-of-the-line professional; 16-hole chromatic harmonica. Key of C

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Holes16 holes

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Admiral 64 chromatic harmonica by Harmo® 

High-end professional model

The Admiral 64 is a top-of-the-line professional, 16-hole chromatic harmonica.
Under an elegant design, its heavy brass comb carries on the loud, rich and deep tone you expect.
The super precise setup optimizes airflow and makes all playing intentions come through.

A Harmonica body with low rigidity like plastic and acrylic models is characterized by light and bright tone emphasizing relatively middle to high range notes by the body vibrating and the element of harmonics that shapes the tone is absorbed. It also features a sound that spreads from the body that vibrates and sound like the entire instrument. Furthermore this bright tone is more emphasized depending on the shape of the reed.

On the other hand, The Admiral 64 has a very high rigidity thanks to its full brass comb that is hard to vibrate, it creates a warmer sound without losing harmonics such as low note range. As the body does not vibrate, it is possible to obtain the sound from a small delicate to a big sound with core.

The slider plays like butter, don't look any further!

64 reeds, 16 holes, classic full four-octave range.

Round-shaped holes for easy playing.

Comes in a quality, sturdy padded zip pouch and a wiping cloth for cleaning.


Key of C

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  • Nice feel and sound.
    Charles D. on 06/15/2020It's true that the harmonica is heavy, but it is very easy and comfortable to hold and while playing I don't notice the weight. I like the sound. It's softer, still puts out the volume and doesn't have the typical shrill that most harmonicas have. The reeds sometimes stick, but they work out as I keep playing and warm it up. I can give you more info on that after I've had it and played it over a period of time. All in all, I like it and I find that I enjoying playing it more so than another equivalent harmonica, which I also like.
    Admiral 64
    Richard M. on 06/08/2020This is a very rich sounding harmonica. I was not at all prepared for the depth of sound the Admiral 64 has. Simply I love it. Thank you for creating such a beautiful instrument. Ric
    Great purchase
    Paul S. on 06/17/2017The sound is profound and round. The slider is quiet and smooth and the reeds react very well ( I play laid back ) from top to bottom. Easy to play, incredible sound and very good looking this is definitely my new favorite 16 hole chromatic harmonica !
    Top quality harmonica!
    Thomas M. on 11/27/2018Delivered in a very sturdy good looking zip pouch. This harmonica is very heavy compared to Hohner, Suzuki and Seydel most likely because of the brass comb.I like that they electro plated the brass to give it a silver look that blends in nicely with the covers and looks like one whole instrument. Easy to play!
    Excellent harmonica brand
     on 02/25/2017Fast shipping great quality harmonica, Thank you !

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