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Best Harmonica for a Christmas Gift

Best Harmonica for a Christmas Gift

The Holiday season is coming and you’re wondering what’s the best possible harmonica to offer to your beloved ones

Good news is Harmo has a lot of options in stock for you and you won’t have to break the bank either!

IF you’re looking to buy a gift for a beginner harmonica player, a teenager or a first time musician apprentice the standard Harmo Polar with a black comb should be number one on your list. At only $39.90 it’s a professional harmonica model that will perform well in Blues, Folk, Pop music and any modern style. The fancy covers will make you stand out and it’s easier to play than most model in its category. We would recommend a key of C if you buy only one and C, G, D and A if you buy more. Those extra keys will help you play more tunes in more keys.

Harmo Polar Harmonica

The Polar also comes as a set of 3 and 5 with added goodies like the harmo mini-mo keychain harmonica (Best seller on Amazon) and the fancy Gig Bag 7 to carry your harmonicas.

If you’re looking for a full legit musical instrument then the Harmo Angel line represents the best chromatic harmonicas available today. They are designed and Quality checked in the USA by a pro harmonica player and the sound beautiful!

The Angel 12 key of C is the perfect choice for a chromatic harmonica under the Christmas tree.

Angel 12 key of C

And if your loved ones already have a C it also comes in other keys such as D, G, A, Bb and Low C.

The Harmo Polar and Angel 12 are the very best quality price ratio you can get on the market but now let’s talk about fancy high end harmonicas choices for the buyer on a bigger budget

When it comes to Harmonicas it’s hard to beat Harmo Custom Shop models!

The Concept is unique to Harmo harmonicas

You can select the comb of your choice and have the back lasered with your text (available on walnut and maple models)

Then you select a type of our super airtight laser cut covers designed by David Herzhaft

Last you select your key and reed setup.

Here is an example of a Walnut comb harmonica with your text, Maple covers and classic reed setup for less than $200:

walnut comb harmonica

Assembled in the USA with manual reedwork done in Idaho!

And here is another Custom harmonica best seller with a brass comb and brass covers!

custom harmonica

If you’re looking for a high end chromatic then the Admiral 64 could be your match!

With an all brass comb it is heavier than most chromatic harmonicas and had a very full tone and sound compared to most models that have plastic or wood combs. It is a 16 hole 4 octave harmonica that can play any classical music piece.

What if you’re buying a harmonica gift for someone who already has a huge harmonica collection?

No doubt our high end model will be a great addition to any harmonica collection but don’t forget to check out our harmonica accessories:

The Harmonica pro case is the perfect gift for anyone who already owns up to 14 diatonic “blues” harps and 1 chromatic as it can hold all of the above and more!

The Harmo Pocket tool is a great multi tool to maintain and repair all harmonicas it is also compatible with other brands like Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki and Lee Oskar.

Harmonica Repair

Make sure to check out all our harmonica players dedicated tools here.

To sum up whereas you’re looking for an entry level on a budget harmonica, a personalized model, a high end model or accessories for a harmonica player Harmo as everything to fit your Holiday shopping needs


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    Brian Silva
    Oct 29, 2023

    That's a great ???????? brand type. I want to buy this 16 ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? hole chromatic chromonica/harmonica. I'm interested.

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    May 9, 2024

    Thank you for sharing this information about harmonicas, now I know which harmonica is best to offer.

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