Harmo Polar Blues harmonica set of 5




<p>Harmo Polar harmonica blues pro pack 5: Key of C D G F A harmonicas delivered in a Gig Bag 7 with a Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!</p>

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<p>How fun can Harmonica be ?</p>
<p>Save big with the new Harmo blues set 3 that bundles the most widely sued keys to play blues, country and folk music with Harmo's fancy gig bag  7 (holds up to 7 harmonicas) and a 4 hole Harmo Mini-Mo keychain harmonica!</p>
<p>Ideal for harmonica beginners, enthusiasts and blues players looking for a good bundle deal!</p>

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  • Polar Blues Harmonica set
    Aldo F. on 05/09/2020

    I received this set just a few days ago and i can say that i really like these harmonicas. they feel comfortable on my lips. the cover plate design is such that i can smoothly slide my lips with ease. the sound itself is loud and the draw bends are easily achieved. compared to my other harps, the tone and sound quality rank up there. Overall i enjoy playing with these and will put my Hohner rocket aside for now. I believe that anybody would be happy with these harmonicas.

    Great gift idea!
    Merrilyn H. on 01/16/2019The Polar harmonicas are very easy to play on stage or at home. The Harmo case is certainly the best on the market today and it's sold here with 5 Polars in the keys of C, D, F G, A plus a mini-harmonica as a bonus. A wonderful gift for my husband who is delighted.

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