Diatonic Harmonicas

Harmo Diatonic harmonicas

Polar : A typical diatonic harmonica meant for blues, folk, country and rock.
Loud, powerful, easy to play the Polar is the diatonic harmonica every player needs to blow the blues away.
The fancy and original matt white cover are definitely a plus to stand out of the crowd.

Torpedo : Louder, easier to bend and overblow than any other diatonic harmonica on the market. The Torpedo is hand finished in the Usa where we make sure the reeds are fully optimized to simply give you the best harmonica to overblow on the market. Super airtight, very powerful yet plays like butter.
Tuned to just intonation the Torpedo help you get all the notes out without pushing.
Ideal for the modern harmonica player the Torpedo is at ease with Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, World music and any music genre. At only a fraction of the cost of a customized harmonica the Torpedo surpasses any other out of the box harmonica.

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